Wednesday, June 8, 2011

13 Year Old Boys Take Sudden Interest in Politics

I saw this link on a friend's Facebook page last night John Boehner Stays Silent on Weiner Scandal. Laying in bed this morning it hit me, this is a pre-pubescent boy's gift from the media. Can you imagine the Government and Law or history class papers and presentations?

  • The not so creative child: My paper will be on "Weiner's and Boehners"
  • Class clown: For show and tell and I would like to show my Weiner and maybe later my Boehner. 
  • The politically optimistic young student: Sexting scandel may bring Weiner and Boehner together. 
  • The young feminist: My paper is titled: "Why there are too many Weiners and Boehners in politics."