Tuesday, October 25, 2011


So, I actually have things I'd like to say on Facebook but don't much more often than I post here. I have to admit that each time I start to rant about something I feel like I will put a little dent in the universe. And I mean dent in a bad way. Like, does it really help to post my negativity?

Once in a while I like to pick up a new magazine just to look through it and see if anything catches my eye. Most recently I picked up issues of "Urban Farm" and "Yes". The latter really has stuck with me and has become my toilet reading of choice. (Yes, I read on the toilet and if you don't, you're missing out on some quality reading time.)  "Yes"  has kept my attention with articles on state banks and ideas for sustainable and self-created jobs in a down market. The thing is, most of the articles are presenting ideas, alternative options, and highlighting actual achievements rather than just criticisms of what is wrong with our world.

When it really comes down to it, that is what I'd rather be putting out in the universe, but I also have some gripes to get off my chest. So, we'll let this blog slide as my chest getting off place and just remember that it's only one part of how I view the world and my place in it. There, I feel better about dumping on you now in the future. Maybe I'll post a little more often here. Only if you promise not to take me too seriously and know that I have open ears and love a good argument.