Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Passive Jerks

So, my biggest Facebook pet peeve is when people make comments that are passive aggressive. OK, and when people are competitive on my wall with my posts - like "oh you think you have it bad... well, blah blah blah my life."

Alright so I'm half asleep still. I'll try to explain. If I post something like, "such and such sucks" you're being a bad listener if you post back - "oh yeah, well such and such in my life sucks more." Just a simple joke or hit that like button will do please. Also, passive aggressive comments just suck. Mostly because I want to be passive aggressive back and I don't like that about myself. Then I feel like I have to keep my mouth shut which makes me want to cry, "I'm being oppressed and silenced!" Not unlike that scene in "The Holy Grail."

My sniveling is probably unwarranted. And, oops, maybe this post is passive aggressive.