Friday, September 9, 2011

Some things that just don't make sense to me....

If folks want government to run like business, why don't they pay government workers like business employees get paid and give government agencies budgets like businesses have (oh wait, government is NOT-FOR-PROFIT)? Why are they against government budget surpluses (they would be great for lean times like this) - that's right states like Oregon don't allow surpluses to carry forward - they literally spend additional money sending surpluses back to the tax payers - that doesn't seem to be good fiscal planning to me)? Why do they require government agencies to be more accountable than businesses (but don't want to fund that accountability)?

If tea party folks believe that they know what the Founding Father's want for us, why don't they advocate for limits to the length of time a corporation can exist? Why do they advocate for more corporate rights than individual rights?

And most of all, why do people who aren't in the top 1% wealthy of our nation agree with them at all?? Don't most people like access to free public education that attempts to do more than train workers, 40 hour work weeks, child labor protections, national holidays (um, family values??), safe equipment, fair wages for labor, a retirement safety net in the event markets crash (including real estate), protections against Potter-like bank practices... I could go on. I just don't get it.

Why don't the Bachmann's and Perry's ask themselves, "If God is communicating through disaster his displeasure, could he be displeased that we are fleecing the poor and rewarding the most powerful and richest?"

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